My name is Jaclyn Russo and I'm a detail-oriented instructional designer who loves collaborating with others to design and develop learning solutions. As a former educator, I have excellent time management and organizational skills and proven experience designing creative and engaging learning solutions that I now apply to impact behavioral changes in the business world.

My Design Process


The Beginning.

At the kickoff meeting, an issue is identified, along with the impact on the business and what the desired outcome will be. There may be an official (or unofficial) Needs Analysis performed during this part of the design process as well.

This is always a collaborative process with all stakeholders involved.


The Planning Stage.

Here is where the collaboration magic happens. Along with the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we work together to flesh out the specific learning objects and create a design document with an overview of the learning experience.

Then a detailed storyboard (or facilitator's guide and PowerPoint deck depending on the modality) is created.

These are modified based on feedback from the SMEs and stakeholders throughout the design process.


Creation Time!

Once the detailed storyboard is revised and approved, it's time to bring the ideas into the real world.

Depending on the technology platform (Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Camtasia, Vyond, Captivate, vILT/ILT, or my personal favorite: a combination) the development work begins. It's time to take the ideas and breathe some life into them.

This process goes through several rounds of feedback and modifications from the SMEs before the learning experience is finalized.

Then the completed project is handed over and uploaded to an LMS (or facilitated).